"MACY RODMAN FLOW" prod. Jeremiah Meece

Details:   Uploaded by: Mykki Blanco Duration: 3:08 Views: 38532 Favorites: 0 Genre: RAP Download: Not available

Description: LYRICS: Tubachatu Mami  Morenita fina Power ballin Brazy Bitch where my Acquaina  Whoopi Goldberg lookin boy call em’ SARAFINA, all this coco rico smoke causing Mykki emphysema  I’m a trife bitch, yes believe dat, baseball bat to ya knee cap, Braid this nigga’s hair like he was ASAP, FIRST WIFE this nigga like an ArAb , NEFER TITTY BLANCO KISS MY SCA-RAB, Ay Man I be with them Faggots out from Brooklyn Hoo Doo Voo Niggas like a Bushman Dutch master Kush man - Niggas be so soft they like a Cush-ION Tissue paper feelings like a push pin. Rubbish in my dust bin U aint getting fetti heavy like u nigga’s claiming Cam Newton fumble wit them bricks u nigga’s playing, I see pussy nigga’s putting molly’s up they asshole’s, Coming wit that slander bitch believe me them ya last words Tell Martin Skrekli that I changed the password, I’m only speak GUAPO Big Bitch Fish 2 u Gato’s, Mykki Coca spraying wit dem Choppa’s, Lipstick & Contour, If I’m fucking wit him then he not poor, CLAPBACK NIGGAS wanna encore, Nigga Please I’m on a Airbus A3 in a Fendi white Tee living what can’t dream. smoking what you can’t breathe , Hippie Chick, Suck a Dick KISS MY RING U KNOW I FUCK WITCHU, REALLY? YEAH LOW KEY I FUCK WIT U Never been a hood nigga but I slang wit em. Brick in the Chanel purse Bang wit em, Lone wolf bitch White Fang wit em, loose change niggas don’t hang wit em, You aint poppin rocks less the gang witch. Squad been mobb’n robbin stooges u been out the loop boy, Cuttin corner custies get the chop u bein duped boy M134 for my bitches thats the new toy Finessin niggas stressing niggas, Nani be the decoy.  GWoppin never stopping stacking Green, it’s Paper cuts, Ransacking snitches put the X’s on these drunks  SHE Always wanna smoke but gotta nasty attitude   PLEASE CUZ BUNK BOOGA CHICKS WITHOUT HIPS CAN GET ROCKED TOO. Kate Spade clutch where u cop that baby, Turkey neck chick but she got that gravy, BAD GIRL CLIQUE SO MY BITCHES IS BRAZY LIL SIS 2 DA PLUG SO SHE SLUG THAT WAVY

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